Video Transfers & Photography

Video Matters! captures life’s special moments and events for families and individuals. Our VHS and old film to DVD service captures your original images and the authenticity of each moment with beautifully remastered color, fluidity, design and composition. We creatively fuse the elements of digital video, film, photos and audio into moving and treasured memories that you can cherish for generations to come.

We specialize in video creations and photography in West Sayville, NY. We take video and audio recordings as well as photographs from events and occasions of all kinds and bring them together with the latest technology. While other video and audio formats such as audiocassette tapes, 16mm films and other media types slowly degrade over time, we give you crisp and clear digitized formats that retain all the beauty of the original film without risking decomposition.

If you have film, audio or photography you wish to preserve so your children and grandchildren can share in these amazing moments, contact Video Matters! today. We are happy to turn your original media into remastered digital compilations.