If you are interested in transfers of old media to new:

  • We transfer 8mm and 16mm film from its analog state to digital. The transfers can be placed on DVDs, or USB drives. Prices depend on whether you wish the transfers in their raw state, or with varying degrees of editing.
  • We transfer VHS, S-VHS, and VHS-C videotapes from analog to digital as well.
  • We transfer mini-DV tapes (which are already digital) to DVDs and USB drives.
  • We transfer Vinyl recordings (33 lps, 45s, and 78s) and cassette tapes to CDs. All recordings are meticulously cleaned before transfer. The final audio can be either mp3s or .WAV files. Prices depend on the quality desired.
  • Please contact us to discuss your media: studio-(631)567-3182, cell-(631)816-6174, or

And remember, this is only your first step to creating memories from your media.
The first step is PRESERVATION-The last step is OUR COMPILATIONS into
“Memories in Motion and Stills”!