VIDEO MATTERS! provides media enhancement services including video transfer service, analog video to digital transference, video duplications, and more. Our team of video experts maintains the beauty and significance of your video and audio memories and brings them back to sparkling life through digital remastering.

Through cutting-edge technology and careful preservation, Video Matters! brings photography, film, audio cassettes and more into a single crisp and long-lasting digital format you and your loved ones can treasure for generations to come. We transfer 8 mm films, 16mm films, and analog and digital tapes all to DVDs. We also convert vinyl records and audio cassettes to CDs. We can mix these audio and visual records together
(using music, titles, sound effects, voice-overs, special effects, and color correction) to create chronicles of your life and events and memories that are captivating and clean.

From historic archives to family footage and everything else that is meaningful to you and your family, Please contact us today for more information on video/audio enhancements and transfers, and for more information on purchases from our Photofolio Gallery.